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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Healthy Frozen Dinners?

Let's face it. Sometimes, despite all of our good intentions, we don't feel like cooking and we don't want to go out. We just need something quick and easy. That "quick and easy" in many cases is a frozen dinner. The good news is frozen dinners have come a long way from the slimy cubes of salisbury steak, gritty mashed potatoes and carrots. There are a few rules when looking for "TV" dinners.

1. Look for healthier, organic brands such as Kashi, Healthy Choice, Amy's, Smart Ones and Lean Cuisine.
2. Look at the ingredient list. You want whole, natural ingredients whenever possible and the lowest amount of preservatives.
3. Look for lower sodium (as this is the culprit of almost all frozen dinners). If it has over 500mg of salt per serving, steer clear!
4. Make sure the dinner has enough calories so you won't become ravenous. If a dinner has 200 calories, it's probably not enough. Make sure it has at least 350 calories, to ensure a satisfying meal.
5. Don't serve from plastic container. Empty food on a plate, and make it seem like a fresh meal.
6. Pair the frozen dinner with a fresh salad or soup. Adding some whole foods will go a long way in providing satiety and making the dinner a bit more enjoyable.

So, the next time you are in the frozen food section, pay attention to what they have. Look for lean meats and veggies, or simple pasta dishes. Make a small salad and voila! An easy, healthy dinner that redefines the classic frozen dinner.

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  1. You have just saved me hours of time. I never thought of pairing frozen meals with something fresh. That just makes things so much easier.