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Monday, July 19, 2010

Myths About Vegan Food

One of the biggest myths is that food has to be laden with fat, sugar, butter or salt to be GOOD. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Take these delectable looking cupcakes, for example. They are vegan. That’s right, I said vegan… that dreaded word that seems to conjure hippies lounging on grass eating rabbit food. Vegan simply means there is a lack of animal products in the ingredients. Vegan foods are definitely a healthier option, and trust me, some of the best cakes, cookies, muffins or cupcakes I’ve ever had come from  The Chicago Diner, which is a vegetarian restaurant.

Just because it’s vegan or vegetarian doesn’t mean it will taste bad. A lot of times, fresher ingredients are chosen, and there are less trans fats and cholesterol. And since over half of our population is obese, it might not be a bad idea to look into healthier options. So, the next time you are out, be adventurous and look a little harder at the vegetarian options on the menu. You might surprise yourself.


  1. i think this is a great tip. i always thought vegan food was for rabbits, until i actually tried it. and sure while some things don't taste great, i was pleasantly surprised! i've never really thought about it for desserts, so this will be a great tip! thanks for sharing.

  2. You are welcome. I find that some vegan foods can be "off" too, but I've never gone wrong with desserts!