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Thursday, July 22, 2010

To Salt or Not To Salt? That is NOT The Question!!

Order anything at a restaurant, and no matter what your cuisine, there will be one commonality amongst the steaming plates and endless delectable options: salt. This seemingly innocent four letter word has led to numerous health problems amongst Americans: bloating, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a general consensus that to be seasoned properly, your food has to have salt. I watch an abundance of cooking shows, snickering at the judges who insist certain dishes aren’t seasoned “properly.” What does that word even mean? Who says to be seasoned properly it has to be salty? And, besides that, even the healthy cooking shows add salt to absolutely everything. 

Newsflash: just one tablespoon of salt is more than your daily allowance, which has been reduced from 2400mg to 1500mg. And did you ever notice that salt simply makes your food taste like… salt? So, what is the answer? First, stop using the saltshaker at restaurants. This is step one. Begin to enjoy the taste of your food. Ask for no salt on the food you order, and then witness the perplexed looks on the faces of your servers as they adhere to your odd request.

Case in point: yesterday, in the hot sun, I passed an obese little boy, clutching a salty, soft pretzel in one hand and a giant Mountain Dew in the other. His parents, also heavy, were several steps ahead of him. He was breathing heavily, his bulbous thighs rubbing together, a thin stream of sweat soaking his shirt and shorts. Suddenly, I ached for him, for all the fresh foods he will never eat, and how his body will never move as it ought to. He will never have the option to taste good food, to know what it feels like to be a healthy kid, and subsequently, a fit adult.

To cook well doesn’t mean you have to be a chef. You can cook plenty of healthy dishes with no salt and fresh ingredients that actually taste great. After all, a vegetable is supposed to taste like a vegetable, not an oily, buttery mess (don’t get me started on ruining vegetables with butter and too much oil). We have to reawaken our senses and make smarter choices, since our population is headed to an obesity epidemic. We have to start doing something different – immediately, if not sooner. And this is one of the easiest tricks: stop using salt. If you are addicted to salt and actually love the taste, there is something new in town: AlsoSalt www.alsosalt.com. It’s healthier, it tastes like salt, but without the negative health benefits. It's main two inredients are potassium and lysine, which are great nutrients for your health. 

So, challenge yourself and start tasting your food. You will feel less sluggish, less bloated and begin to taste the natural flavors of fresh cuisine. Your kidneys and your health will thank you! 

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