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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's For Lunch?

After a good workout of shoulders, hamstrings and core, I could feel my mid-morning protein shake wearing off. While I would normally reserve my shakes for post-workout, our lunch today was the next best thing: tuna packed in water with the following mixed in: 

Red onion (red onions are sweeter and are great to add to salads or tuna for a little bite)
Red bell pepper (all bells are great, though yellow leads the pack)
Cilantro (add cilantro to everything and get a ton of flavor with no calories)
Avocado (a dose of healthy fats, just a quarter is all you need)
Roma tomato (my personal favorite, make sure you never store tomatoes in the refrigerator as it ruins texture and flavor)
Paprika (great spice that can be added to everything)
Nayonaise (a vegan version of mayo, use a dollop instead of the fatty stuff to get that creamy texture in tuna)
Dried minced garlic (garlic, a super food, can be used fresh or dried in almost any dish)

With the tuna, I ate some of the best cottage cheese I've ever found by a brand called FRIENDSHIP. No salt added and only 1% fat make for a smooth texture and a great dose of protein, with a whopping 16g in half a cup. As I am trying to cut back on carbs today, I just had this protein packed meal, but you can always add a piece of Ezekial toast or 1/2 c. cooked brown rice. Enjoy!

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